Slimline Desks

This longtime favorite has been restyled to match our popular refraction desk styles:  Standard, Americana, and European. Work surfaces are covered with high pressure laminates available in a variety of colors.
The Slimline Desk dimensions are the same as the Refraction Desk II bottom section with the exception of the back, which is not inset.  The Slimline Desk includes our unique pop-up trial lens drawer, which allows convenient use of the trial lenses and safe clutter-free storage.

CBWC  16-030  (Std. slimline)
CBWC 16-030 FTP
CBWC  17-030  (Amer. slimline)
CBWC  17-030 FTP
CBWC  18-030  (Euro. slimline)
CBWC  18-030 FTP
CBWC  20-351 (optional switch panel)

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* An optional switch panel is available and is located on the front panel.  The optional panel contains a rheostat for diming room lights and four switches for remote instruments.  All electrical connections are made by your locally licensed electrician.  The optional panel should be ordered with the desk.

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